Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone...
I am happy to say that coming into this New Beginning I am elated to have found my Bliss.
I can't say that I didn't know it beofre, I just didn't know it was IT!
As my readers know I have been moving through some different things to understand my path in life.
For some this has been a tough time, because the persona they know of me, has always been the stable steadfast, do the right thing, take care of everyone else, kind of person. In the last year and a half or so, I have been cut off. I have taken care of nobody. I think I wanted to see if I had anyone to take care of me. What I found was that if I am of no use to anyone, they have no use for me. I guess I understand that in a way. I at this point in my life have resolved that if a person I come in contact with, ( family, friend or foe) adds nothing of a positive nature to my life, I reserve myself to a minimum of contact with this person, if any at all. I have just recently realized in myself to be a "fix-it" person. I was always the person to help, or do, or be there. and in some way this was my downfall. I became tired, resentful and bitter. Not fun!

As I have learned along this path of self induced social restriction over the past 16 months or so, is that a person can find in themselves what they are looking for in others. I needed this. I kept trying to be everything to others so they would want and need me..never realizing they weren't doing anything, but drain from me.

In that, I have found something that has always made me feel good. Something I am fantastic at and something that brings me more Joy than many things in my life. Cooking! I have started to share my love of Cooking and Writing together in, "Food Blogging" and I'm good at it!
Food is Love  my blog site, has really taken off for me. I have dabbled in cooking and "food pictures" in the past to mediocre results, but I think it just wasn't the right time. It seems now that I have centered myself and found a reason and a purpose. It just is all falling into place.

I recently was featured as a "Guest Blogger" on The World of Book Reviews" , I have attained a significant following on "Food Buzz"..(45 followers in 5 days) and am aiming to be a Featured Publisher there in a few weeks. I was accepted by "Foodie Blog Roll" in 1 Day as opposed to up to several weeks by normal protocol. The point is.. I am happy and it is evident to me that this is the right direction.

This week from January 1st -3rd,
I am participating in the New Year Smash with other writers who are promoting their Blog. Please take a moment to look at the blog roll at the right of this page to support my colleagues. Please also stop by my Blog "Food is Love" for a very special Promotional Giveaway.
I can't Thank You enough for the Support !!!

Hope in the New Beginning the New Year Brings..
Take the time to know yourself as I did.
There is a Very Special Person waiting to Love you back the way only you know how!

Many Blessing my Friends...I look forward to a wonderful future inspiring you!