Monday, February 14, 2011

Today, I wish you enough...

Today I was blessed to see a tweet from Paulo Coelho.

He is a mentor of mine who shares such wonderful thoughts with his friends and those who follow him. His love and thoughfulness amazes me sometimes. If you ever have the chance you might want to read a book of his "The Alchemist".
Will Smith was an impetus for my coming to Paulo. For this I will be forever thankful!
The story the Alchemist shares the journey of a young man who is on a path of learning. He comes to know patience and the ability to listen to the universe and what it is telling you. He develops faith and the ability to recognize "treasure".

The tweet I refer to is from an email Paulo Coelho quotes on his blog: "Paulo Coelho's Blog"

"I wish you enough"
The story is about a Father and Daughter's Goodbye at an airport.
His last words to her were "I love you. I wish You enough".
The person listening is trying not to intrude, but cannot help herself and approaches the "father" after the daughter departs. As the father looks out of the window at the departing plane, she asks "Excuse me sir, I don't mean to intrude, but I overheard you say to your daughter "I wish you enough". Can I ask what you meant by that? .....

Read Mr Coelho's Blog...the answer is entrancing. "I wish you enough"