Sunday, June 19, 2011


Just a weird morning:.....
I woke today with a cloudiness. I have no recollection of what I dreamt, no idea what the basis for this "fog" is...but nevertheless I can't clear my mind. My heart is on the verge of a good cry...don't ask me just is...I sat for a while had a cup of tea and quieted myself to try to get some sense of it.
I thought about nothing...concentrated on the quiet...and then the picture became as clear as a 70 inch HDTV!
I am about to go on a trip. A vacation of sorts. 10+ days seeing people who have judged me and expected things of me, my entire life.
I know in order to feel mercy and acceptance I first have to accept myself. I honestly thought I lived that creed. So why am I so anxious? These people don't pay my bills. Their opinion has never changed 1 iota of my life. What they think of me is not a game changer for me in anyway...Is this truly the issue?
I think my fog is really more of walking the talk...Am I ready? Do I really accept myself?
Well...Yes. I accept that I have had faults, I have made mistakes but I have also never intentionally hurt anyone. So yes, I accept myself just as I am..dyed grays & thunder thighs and all!
Ya know,  Psalms 139 says "He knows words that we have not yet uttered".  He accepts us. It may be because he knows the outcome, it may be just because He made us. The only true unconditional love we ever receive comes from Him. I'm good with that.
I know I am not what other people want me to be..or think I should be. I also know, I have done the best I can, with the tools I have been given. I know people and events come into my life so that I may learn from them. I do the best I can. I learn what I can, and I move on. So there it is... Mind cleared.

You either join me in my journey by accepting me the way I am, or step aside as I move on, because I plan to Enjoy the ride.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Today, I wish you enough...

Today I was blessed to see a tweet from Paulo Coelho.

He is a mentor of mine who shares such wonderful thoughts with his friends and those who follow him. His love and thoughfulness amazes me sometimes. If you ever have the chance you might want to read a book of his "The Alchemist".
Will Smith was an impetus for my coming to Paulo. For this I will be forever thankful!
The story the Alchemist shares the journey of a young man who is on a path of learning. He comes to know patience and the ability to listen to the universe and what it is telling you. He develops faith and the ability to recognize "treasure".

The tweet I refer to is from an email Paulo Coelho quotes on his blog: "Paulo Coelho's Blog"

"I wish you enough"
The story is about a Father and Daughter's Goodbye at an airport.
His last words to her were "I love you. I wish You enough".
The person listening is trying not to intrude, but cannot help herself and approaches the "father" after the daughter departs. As the father looks out of the window at the departing plane, she asks "Excuse me sir, I don't mean to intrude, but I overheard you say to your daughter "I wish you enough". Can I ask what you meant by that? .....

Read Mr Coelho's Blog...the answer is entrancing. "I wish you enough"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Make Obstacles a Catapult for your Journey..instead of an Excuse to stop.

What an eventful week this has been. I am so happy to be able to relay some new revelations that have come about in my life. I so hope it inspires you to know that no matter how low things get, IT WILL GET BETTER!
If you have been following my blog, you know that I have been journalling my journey, my path and my outlook for approximately 5 months. In this journal I have outlined some very key factors that have changed my outlook on things and on the way my perception (the way I see things), when changed can effect my life in very REAL ways. (ie: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."~Dr Wayne Dyer)
I have personally spoken to so many people in the last few months who have said "Gee, I never looked at it that way". This inspires me to move forward, and keep journalling. Make no mistake about it, This has been a LooooNG and drudgerous road. I have documented many, many misteps and I'm sure I will make a few more. Just yesterday, the closest person to me compared me to Dr Dyer and said "Even Dr Dyer says anger is not effective". This person had been screaming for 3 hours..and was upset that I finally said "STOP" in no uncertain terms. LOL
This is something I want to point out. Something I think many people get caught up in. The "I would do better if it wasn't for so and so".. mantra. I think the revelation in my mind today was brought about by something I heard from "Pastor Joel Osteen". Not necessarily a religious revelation but a thought about "obstacles" or "perceived obstacles". A Person can get so caught up in the "details" of everyday life that the "big picture" gets lost.
Example: Fighting with someone. If you are a person in a relationship, girlfriend / boyfriend, man / wife, sister / brother, parent / child, boss / employee, colleague / colleague,  you know that "fighting" is emotionally draining, most of the time futile, and a downright waste of precious time. But our ego says "I am RIGHT" so it matters to point that out, and fight for it. If you know in your heart your right, what difference does it make if everyone else knows? And if you know your wrong, why bother fighting? apologize first thing, and move on. A perfect example of this was a friend came to me and said "I'm sorry..." I immediately said, Ok. Immediately I then moved on to ask a question completely unrelated to the subject. My friend became extremely frustrated with me. He said, "You don't know what I'm sorry for". I answered "Does it matter? How about we go with  You're sorry, I forgive you, I love you, Next....?" He became so frustrated he went on and on for hours again! I asked many times, why it was so important that he explain and essentially dump his feelings of guilt on me? Why couldn't he just allow me to forgive him and move on? He said "Because that's not the way it's "suppose" to go." 'Well", I said, "It's the way it goes with can we move on?" The time spent duking it out is so much better spent doing something you enjoy or something productive. Sometimes it's hard for people to get over the "details".

There's one other point to know. Sometimes people are put in our lives to catapult us to the next level of awareness. Truly everyone we come in contact with, is in our life to teach us something. The sooner we accept this the easier it is to accept people's differences. This is something that will further us on our path of awareness. For instance, What would David had been without Goliath??? If David had not come against his strongest enemy would he have been the man he became? Need something more powerful? Ok, JESUS...where would Jesus be without Judas? Ok, I know this is severe, but realistically...Judas was a disciple! He was a Close confidant. He betrayed Jesus and because of this Jesus was Crucified! Jesus then became the redeemer of the Earth! Ok maybe a strong reference, but look over history, there are a million stories of people who were told they couldn't do something or pushed out of something, or betrayed, or fired on someone's whim, only then to Forge through to make their own way and do phenomenally better!

Image by Karen Swim

My point is..Life has struggles. Life has obstacles. Without them we can't appreciate the upside. The only reason I can say this is because I have been there and I continue to forge on the path.

Keep walking with me...Stop whining, Stop crying, and as they say look for the "New Door" that has opened. It's there. We need to choose how we look at things, and understand that every moment wasted on whining, crying and victimizing ourselves is a moment lost on the path forward. If we choose to think "Things happen FOR me, instead of things happen TO me"...We have taken one step Forward today. Every journey is taken ONE step at a time..if we cried yesterday, we learned why not to today :) Everyday is a new chance to start over.
Move Forward! I am proof that it works! We are on the way!
Have a Great Week!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone...
I am happy to say that coming into this New Beginning I am elated to have found my Bliss.
I can't say that I didn't know it beofre, I just didn't know it was IT!
As my readers know I have been moving through some different things to understand my path in life.
For some this has been a tough time, because the persona they know of me, has always been the stable steadfast, do the right thing, take care of everyone else, kind of person. In the last year and a half or so, I have been cut off. I have taken care of nobody. I think I wanted to see if I had anyone to take care of me. What I found was that if I am of no use to anyone, they have no use for me. I guess I understand that in a way. I at this point in my life have resolved that if a person I come in contact with, ( family, friend or foe) adds nothing of a positive nature to my life, I reserve myself to a minimum of contact with this person, if any at all. I have just recently realized in myself to be a "fix-it" person. I was always the person to help, or do, or be there. and in some way this was my downfall. I became tired, resentful and bitter. Not fun!

As I have learned along this path of self induced social restriction over the past 16 months or so, is that a person can find in themselves what they are looking for in others. I needed this. I kept trying to be everything to others so they would want and need me..never realizing they weren't doing anything, but drain from me.

In that, I have found something that has always made me feel good. Something I am fantastic at and something that brings me more Joy than many things in my life. Cooking! I have started to share my love of Cooking and Writing together in, "Food Blogging" and I'm good at it!
Food is Love  my blog site, has really taken off for me. I have dabbled in cooking and "food pictures" in the past to mediocre results, but I think it just wasn't the right time. It seems now that I have centered myself and found a reason and a purpose. It just is all falling into place.

I recently was featured as a "Guest Blogger" on The World of Book Reviews" , I have attained a significant following on "Food Buzz"..(45 followers in 5 days) and am aiming to be a Featured Publisher there in a few weeks. I was accepted by "Foodie Blog Roll" in 1 Day as opposed to up to several weeks by normal protocol. The point is.. I am happy and it is evident to me that this is the right direction.

This week from January 1st -3rd,
I am participating in the New Year Smash with other writers who are promoting their Blog. Please take a moment to look at the blog roll at the right of this page to support my colleagues. Please also stop by my Blog "Food is Love" for a very special Promotional Giveaway.
I can't Thank You enough for the Support !!!

Hope in the New Beginning the New Year Brings..
Take the time to know yourself as I did.
There is a Very Special Person waiting to Love you back the way only you know how!

Many Blessing my Friends...I look forward to a wonderful future inspiring you!