Friday, April 20, 2012

Doing the "Right Thing"

Remember when I said that Someone's own perception of their life might not be as it seems to others? I also have come to realize that people react toward others under their perceptions, not always on truth or fact.
Don't people ever stop and wonder what the "truth" really is in a given situation? How about just "doing the right thing"? Oh wait, there is no "right thing" in any situation. The "right thing" is defined as whatever is right for that person. Free Will. Anybody is allowed to do as they please. There are only constraints put in place by consequences set out by (society). The choice is a personal one.Who gave "Society" the power to deem any act "right" or "not right"? The only thing for me would be when there is an "illegal" act. But even then, the defense lawyer brings about "reasons" why the act is justifiable. Who's to say what is "right" in any case, in any situation? Are we to say God???
What if you don't believe there is a God? Do you still conform to doing what is "right"?
"What is right" is what *feels* right inside. Whatever makes it easy to sleep at night. Whatever makes your heart at peace. Even for those "conscience-less" people, who fervently defend their words and actions with deflection, blame and justification there is a time when they have to lay down their heads to sleep or summate the entirety of their lives while on their death beds.
I've seen it time and time again...Words left unspoken. Apologies and hurt feelings left hanging in the balance.
I can honestly say with every spec of my being I have very few regrets. And have no "should-have's" to speak of. I actively live with a passion for peace in my heart. I wholly believe in karma and know that there will come a time to make peace and my heart is clear.
I pray for anyone and everyone who thinks that their day won't come. People that cast off other's feelings as trivial and relationships as vehicles of personal gain. I pray that they learn sooner rather than later so they can experience the peace that a life purposefully lived can bring.