Monday, February 3, 2014

The Dream in your heart might be bigger than the Environment you're in

The dream in your heart might be bigger than the environment you're in
Sometimes you might have to get out of the environment in order to grow.

Went into my cousin's jewelry store yesterday and had a revelation!
His entrance has those double doors.... You know the ones where You open the door
But for security reasons, the exterior / first door has to close before the interior door will open.

I didn't get it at first, being a big girl small spaces are a problem for me, so I didn't close the exterior door before attempting to open the interior one.
The security guard had to remind me that the interior door wont open until I close the exterior door.

Well in that short moment, my mind began to race, my heart started to thump, because it meant I would be (even for those very short seconds) confined into that small space between the two doors.

Right after entering the store I got the biggest aha of all time!

Life is like that!
Sometimes you are so stuck between your past and your future that you can't go either way.
No matter the period of time, long or short, it still feels bad!!!
You need to realize you cant "hold on" to the past (the exterior door) because you wont be able to move forward (interior door)!!!

You have to deal with the "tightness" and uncomfortability of  letting go, to be able to move forward!
But once you're through... It's as Beautiful as a room full of diamonds!!!