Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Realizing, If you ask... An answer comes. Always!

In the following days, I became distraught that I had hung up the phone on opportunity. I started to believe that my current circumstance was  Who I was. I dwelled in the facade that I "just can't get ahead" and now even when given an opportunity, I not only don't recognize it, but push it away!

I needed to look more closely at what was happening. I needed to look at what I could do to change my focus. I had to pull my focus away from my complaints about what I don't have, and what I don't want. I need to focus closely on what exactly I DO want and be grateful for what I do have. What can I do to change my life around? What can I do to shift my mind-set?

The book "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction tell us that we need to be grateful for what we already have. The feeling that we really do have things to be grateful for helps to emit feelings of positivity.
Positivity begets positivity!
For example, you can be thankful for things great and small. Something as simple as whatever brought you here to read this blog, it's a positive light in your day. Sometimes we get hung up on the why..and the how of the process and never get to the actual things we DO have!

I am experiencing very definite signs that my life is in the process of change.

Most usually out of the greatest despair come the greatest gifts. Did you know that the people who lived through the Great Depression learned how to become family centered and savings based?  The make-do generation, they are called. These survivors, learned to be happy with what they had and grateful to have what they "needed". This generation of people learned through great despair. They recognized how to barter / fix / grow what they needed to overcome it! From which came a great appreciation of Family, Community and strong core values.

As I continue on this path and read and listen to many authors, I realize the greatest gift life has given me in this darkest time is my ability to be grateful. (If you really want to be resourceful in finding things to be grateful for, start at the very core of who you are. ex. I am Grateful for my eyesight and my ability to read and comprehend.) See how easy this step can be?

 I recently was told to "be careful" with regard to  "true happiness" vs "pretend Happiness" This person's definition of pretend happiness was someone who pretends they are happy when they really are not. They do not understand the principle, or they cannot fathom that someone in my situation could be happy. I actually am Grateful for everything I have right now.  "The Secret" actually tells you do exactly that.  It prepares you and gives you the ability to recognize "dreams fulfilled". Remember, I told you I lived my dream come true, and didn't realize it at the time. That won't ever happen to me again. I am grateful everyday for EVERYTHING.

I have realized that the idea of recognizing what is right here near me, is paramount. This may sound too spiritual for some, but it is, what it is...  In the last 2 weeks, I have had signs of lessons to let me learn how to do this. Recognizing what's right in front of you can be as simple as being down to your last dollar and needing gas to get to work tomorrow. Then suddenly from out of nowhere, you find a twenty-dollar bill in the pocket of the coat you just took out of the closet for the first time since last winter. Sometimes it's not so evident. You have to stop and look at it and realize whats going on. Then you NEED to be thankful!

Here's an example: I have been going along and reading and trying to apply the principles of this for a few weeks. One afternoon, I was getting ready to prepare lunch for my bf and he comes in and says,  "Here". He hands me 100.00. I immediately, before even thinking about it ask, "Whats this for? I don't want YOUR money". He picks up the money... and starts to get angry...I ask again, only in a nicer tone and smiling... "No, really, what's it for? What's up?" He says "put it in the bank, don't you need to cover the monthly charges from your account?".

Ok, here's where it gets hairy..

I responded  "that's not what it is... what did you do? is this guilt money??" He grabbed the money and started to put it back into his pocket... and angrily said "you are not going to use this money against me!"  I felt a snap to my head, (like someone flicked me behind my ear)...and I realized...Wait!!! RECOGNIZE !!!! I said to him, Wait, give me that... and he handed me back the money...I apologized.. and took the money.
What's really funny is that 2 weeks before I had the notion, for a few days.. to ask him for the money to cover the monthly account charge so my account didn't go in arrears, but never had the courage to ask him out loud. I thought it was too much to ask...(Always believe you deserve what you want, because you do!)

I have no doubt that scene could have gone very differently, but I also realize that I have learned a very hard lesson. I don't know HOW it will come, But IT WILL  COME. I am not to judge. I am not to question. Just recognize it, be thankful for it and live my best LIFE!

I went the very next day and bought my son a birthday card, that I otherwise would not have had the ability to do and thanked (God, the Universe or whatever label that works for you) for the Gift!

Realize what is near you. It's there! Anger, Resentment, Hurt & nothing but distract you from what is REAL.

There's always a choice. Nothing is set in stone except death. until then, you ALWAYS have a choice.
* What signs have you ignored, and how did it effect you? Let me know.. comment me...
Next time: Detours into futility...Handling everyday distractions and maintaining the path.

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