Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What label do you allow to define you?

Mine has been "BBW"

Google BBW.. and the first result you will get is a wikipedia definition of Big Beautiful Woman. (definition) the 2nd result is an Online Magazine "geared" to BBW's. Click on this site and you find advertisements for Jillian and her weight loss products, and an advertisement for "How to become a Personal Trainer"...I laughed until I cried.
Who is the target of this webpage? Is this truly a BBW acceptance Magazine? or is this just another Mass Media push for Weight loss products, hidden in the guise of "whats good for you"?
The Tag line for the Magazine is "The Power of Plus".
Hold on, "The power of Plus"? To make weight loss programs wealthy?
What power are you instilling if your biggest advertiser is a Weight loss ad??? The power to feel inferior and not good enough? What this should mean is that your readers should know enough to not be your audience!
Where is the empowerment? Where is your loyalty to your "brand"?
Someone didn't get the memo.
Unfortunately the perception in the World is that being a Plus Size Person means that you should "want" to be thin. You should want to spend every last dollar you work so hard for on changing yourself because someone else thinks you should look differently.
This perception is so wrong.
What plus sized people really need to do is stop feeding this mantra!
Stop perpetuating this lie and start perceiving themselves as being worthy of positive media attention. How enlightening it would be to see a list of website choices that shine a light on Plus sized people who are Self assured, Active and living life. The best way to enjoy life is to Live it!
Tell me, when was a carrot stick and a 10 mile run in the confines of a ranch dedicated to the brainwashing of a plus sized person much more than a 6 month waste of life?
Although I agree that their needs to be a movement, I disagree about what exactly that movement should be.
Here's another thought: Who is complaining about obesity? Who is the loudest force in the media saying there is an "obesity crisis"?  Insurance companies! They are complaining that "fat people" use more medical insurance dollars than any other demographic group. For one thing this cannot possibly be true. I know many many "fat people" and the last place they want to be is in a doctor's office. This is the place where they are not only unaccepted they are taunted and prodded to change. The Nurse comes in and tries to take your blood pressure with a "child-size" b/p cuff and then huffs and whines when she has to go out of the room to get a real cuff. She then hands you a "paper gown" that only covers the front side of you and tells you to sit on the cold table, where the paper covering sticks to your backside and makes a crinking sound when you breath. The doctor then comes in and look at you, smiles and says, "How's the diet? Lost any weight this year? I have a wonderful new medication, and a cousin who owns a gym! Should work wonders!" He then goes on to look at your chart, sees that your blood pressure is normal, you have no diabetes, havent had a visit in a year and walks out of the room without coming near you, for fear of catching what ever disease you have that caused you to be fat in the first place! No, insurance companies, we are not lining up for this stellar treatment! Your insurance dollars are not used by us. They are probably being wasted on the housewives who are using your dollars to fix whatever maladies they have from the breast implant repairs they have had to do. Or the senior citizens who instead of using the free bus to go to the park and enjoy their golden years, are parked in the Dr's office waiting all day for the new BP medicine the pharmaceutical company is peddling through the Dr's office this week.
In the last few months I have been using the mantra. "What you think about & talk about, you bring about". So, for me talking about the "obesity crisis" is off limits. I like to think more on the vain of,  I am healthy, I am active and I am living my life. I deserve my place in the world as much as everyone else.
I was born a miracle as much as anyone else. I am a gift from God here for a purpose and by God I am going to live out that purpose.
My wish for my "fat people" community a peace in your heart that comes from knowing you are the best person for the job, the prettiest girl at the party, and the first pick for best friend, because you know what it's like to overcome a stigma that is acceptable in this world.
I refuse to waste my precious time not living my life because someone else
decides what's good for me. I will continue being Healthy, Active and have lots of Fun doing it. Let the models worry about the carrot sticks.
I'm off to the beach!

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