Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who died and made me Emily Post?

Ok, so I have a question: 

When did I become my partner's teacher, mother & manners coach?
Why is it up to me to correct this person when he is rude? Who gave me the job of showing a grown man that he isn't the center of the universe. Who made it my job to point out this person's "bad behavior"? Who am I to tell him that it is completely self centered to walk in a room where someone is reading, blurt out words and expect a response? Why is it my job to tell someone that his everyday plights are not my business and although I empathize with him, I dont understand why it is my job to make him feel better about them. Especially when he never does this for me. Why does it bother me? Why is it an issue? Am I just impatient? Am I too critical?
Why do I care if this person is rude? What is rude? Who defines it? Why is it an afront to me personally?
Is it because of MY culture? Is it because of what I think is RIGHT vs what he thinks isn't a "big deal"?
Maybe someone else has a different belief. Does that make their belief or mine more important? Is the issue important at all?

Boy am I perplexed.

I have been away from writing for a while. A blurb here and there, but only because I truly am not finding an answer.

I may not have be looking in the right place... Seems that to find the answer to some of these questions, I need to look somewhere inside of myself. A book, an article, a blog is not going to tell me why I make myself the judge of all creation! Who am I? How did I become so righteous? Is there no place for difference of opinion? What about patience? Kindness?

Guess I'll finish reading and try to get it all straight. Wish me luck!

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