Monday, December 13, 2010

Some things are true, whether we believe in them or not...

I have made the choice to believe that in order to control my destiny, I have to listen. Listen to myself. Listen to the signs that show themselves in my environment. Listen to my heart. I have found in my reading and in my life lately, some things to be absolutely true. Whether I believe in them or not. It's pretty exciting, and let me warn you ahead of time, if you ever see me in person, I am very loud about this. I am passionate once I get my head around something. Especially something I think makes sense.
Remember in the beginning of the year I told you I read the book the Jack Rabbit Factor? I suggest you read it too. Remember, I only like the  ebook, the story. I do not agree with the attachment of "get rich quick" crap to this very common sense idea. So my advice is give an email address to get the book and if you do not want the rest of the info unsubscribe.

That said,  What Leslie Householder did was set some quantum physics principles and ideas to story form. It's an ingenius way to make it easy to understand without the struggle of new vs old thought process. In a very common sense kind of way the story is based on principles of Universal Laws. These Laws are based on Predictible Constants. Constants are things that ARE. No matter how or why, these things ARE. It also points out that things (opportunities) are right in front of us, we just dont see them because we continue on our everyday traveled path. We dont want to stray from that path because the stigma of not doing what everyone else does is too strong.

This might seem to be an awkwardly simple idea, but as we look at it you'll realize it really is this way.
Lets look at what I have been talking about. In the beginning of my writing I set out to tell you that I no longer want to listen to people who do not think as I do. For example, If I wanted to learn how to become an Athlete, would I seek out the advice of a Chef?  Of course not. Look at your life. Is this what you are doing?

I did. I felt it was normal to do as everyone else did. It never dawned on me that it wasn't working for them, or me.

We keep the company we keep for several reasons. More often than not though, it's simply because it's what we've always done. Well, its time to realize what we've always done hasnt worked so far. Are you on the roof waiting too? Look inside yourself. it's important for YOU to believe that YOU deserve what you want. If you can put that thought in your mind and lock it in as the truth, other people will resonate the same idea. Look around you. Do the people you attract to you have a like mind set?  Guess who has to change theirs first? YOU! You can't change other people. You can only change you. You create your own reality. If someone happens to come along with you, because they see it working for you, then Great! But, you cannot make anyone do anything. That's a contradiction of free will.

I finally understood that to be successful for myself I needed to KNOW I can. It is as simple as that. If I dont believe I can do it, then why would anyone else believe I could?

By trade I am a medical professional. If I give a medicine to a patient, I personally have to believe I am helping, this person, if not they would have no confidence in me or my care and this could be detrimental for both of us.

Have you heard of the "Placebo Effect"? It's when a drug is in trials. Some of the patients get the experimental drug, and others get a "placebo" ( a pill that has no drug in it at all). All of the patients in the trial believe they are taking the experimental pill, and the effects are documented. In any and all studies there are patients who benefit from "the placebo". How can that be? Tell me, Have you ever felt something to be true, even though you werent able to see it or touch it? This is the same thing. These people truly believe that this drug works for them. They put out a vibe of confidence that they would feel better because of this wonderous medication and they do. There is scientific documentation on every drug trial to this effect.

My question is why havent we used this "mindful" thinking to our benefit in any other area?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and spilled coffee on yourself and it triggered a bad day? Of course. We all have. Have you stopped to think that if you changed your mindset right at that moment to "I think the Blue Jacket looks better with these pants anyway" could change how the day goes? After that you go to work, and 3 people comment on your Blue Jacket and you are thinking if they only knew...but smile as the rest of your day goes well. Is this a large thing to change? For some people, yes. But what I am trying to tell you is that its only a matter of a few words. It's an idea shift. For every bad thing you believe there is an equal and opposite good thing. It takes a struggle in the beginning, but once it comes to you, it works faster and faster.

I have to admit, it has taken me almost a whole year to realize that this is true.

Tomorrow... learn how not to realize what's right in front of

** Do you have questions? Maybe you have a situation that you think could use this principle but don't know how to apply it.
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